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About Us

KillerShot™ is dedicated to providing unique products and tools to capture great footage with POV, smartphone, and DSLR cameras. KillerShot has a full offering of the common components, mounts, and accessories that a camera user needs, all at affordable pricing. In addition to those products, KillerShot engineers and manufactures proprietary products such as the Spike, Elevation and Swivel.

KillerShot searches the world for the most innovative and hard-to-find products, bringing them to you so you can have the best gear for the ultimate filming experience. If you want to film like a pro, consider KillerShot as your home for the best in camera equipment.

Our company has an extreme focus on the action sports and traditional sports communities. We are excited and honored to sponsor events and athletes that match our appreciation for adventure and achievement in sports. KillerShot believes that endorsing key events and professionals is paramount to our business, our dedication to sporting communities, and growth of sports involvement in those communities.

Some of the best ideas come from customers and product users! Have you ever had an idea for a great camera mount, spike, pole, tripod or other device? KillerShot could help your idea get created and distributed. If you have an idea, email us at info@killershot.com.